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A requirement on a software project is it should run on typical business laptops up to X years old. However while given a specific model number I can normally find out when it was sold, I can't find data to do the reverse... for a given year I want to see what model numbers were released/discontinued.

We're talking big-name, popular models like Dell Latitude/Precision/Vostro, Thinkpads, HP, etc. The data for any model is out there but getting a timeline is proving hard. Sites like Dell are (unsurprisingly) geared around current products, and even Wikipedia isn't proving very reliable.

You'd think this data must have been collated by manufacturers or enthusiasts, surely?

edit: I suppose another way to phrase this, if the data doesn't exist in the form I want, is:

"In each year 2005-2010, what are the typical low/mid-range business laptop/desktop models people would be buying" - this goes for HP, IMB/Lenovo, etc too if anyone has that information... maybe someone who works as an IT administrator might be able to pull up what your company was buying in each year?

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Here is a list of ThinkPad models with release date and specifications:

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That's awesome, exactly the thing I'm trying to find... just for all mainstream manufacturers! Thanks! – Mr. Boy Jan 7 '11 at 11:48

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