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I'm trying to enter a formula to display text according to an IF condition. The best I can manage is something like...

=IF(myval>=minval & myval <= maxval, "OK", "Not OK")

But this appears to work exactly wrongly, displaying OK when myval is out of range and Not OK when it is in range. How do I specify the logical AND correctly? I have tried && as I have seen in questions here, and inner brackets, but these result in errors.

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The logical operations are represented by formulae:

 AND( condition1 , condition2 , ... )

 OR( condition1 , condition2 , ... )

 NOT( condition )

Each condition can be pretty much anything with a logical evaluation, meaning you can nest logical operations by nesting the formulae as required.

So in your case you need:

 =IF( AND( myval>=minval , myval <= maxval ), "OK", "Not OK")
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Thank you. – Brian Hooper Jan 7 '11 at 13:00

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