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I use Windows 7's command prompt (cmd.exe) for various tasks. In order to copy text from it, I right click and choose Mark, and then mark the text I want to copy.

Sometimes while doing this, the marking doesn't stick. The minute I release the left mouse button after marking the text, the marking disappears.

This has happened on every Windows 7 installation I've ever installed.

How do I solve this?

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I think there is a mouse bug in W7, I find all kinds of weirdness using the mouse on every Installation of W7 I have used on different hardware, nothing serious but annoying as hell. Have not found a solution yet but Microsoft needs to for sure. – Moab Jan 7 '11 at 16:46

Try Console and see if that fits your needs better.

Console is a Windows console window enhancement. Console features include: multiple tabs, text editor-like text selection, different background types, alpha and color-key transparency, configurable font, different window styles

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It says Win2K and XP, this works for W7? what about W7 64bit? – Moab Jan 7 '11 at 16:48
@Moab - According to this it does. – Nifle Jan 7 '11 at 17:17
thanks. +1 – Moab Jan 7 '11 at 17:22
thanks, I tried it and at least at this point I don't find it intuitive. Even the help doesn't give you the basic mouse\keyboard shortcuts and functionality. – Jonathan Jan 7 '11 at 22:48

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