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I have two pdfs, A.pdf and B.pdf, each of which has some bookmarks (perhaps added by jpdfbookmarks). I'd like to concatenate them into one big file, AB.pdf. So I tried one of my favorite tools, pdftk:

pdftk A.pdf B.pdf cat output AB.pdf

But then AB.pdf doesn't have any bookmarks! Is there some way to concatenate pdfs in such a way that you retain the bookmarks? I prefer a Free, or at least free, command-line tool that will work on linux.

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I haven't actually tried it, but from the documentation it looks like Multivalent might do it.

jPdf Tweak seems to do it to but it's not command-line. (I can't post the link because I'm a new user but it's on Sourceforge)

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"java -classpath Multivalent20060102.jar tool.pdf.Merge -samedoc A.pdf B.pdf" does the trick. – Anton Geraschenko Aug 21 '09 at 19:37

Pdftk version 2.02 now merges bookmarks when concatenating PDFs, but only when whole PDF documents are being concatenated.

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