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I'd like to be able to use my Magic Trackpad with Linux. While I haven't installed Linux yet to test it, the trackpad will connect to Windows on the machine (i.e. it has bluetooth). I'm going to be using Fedora 14 on a Lenovo T410.

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I'm guessing that you would like to know if they make drivers for the Magic Trackpad for Linux. After 1 minutes of Google-ing, I found this forum. I know the highlights are a little extensive, but the these posts are the only real informative that help the topic and that aren't repetitive that I found within two minutes of looking at the forum.


Highlight 1

I bought the Magic Trackpad yesterday and it works fine on my macs as it does on linux. Except Linux doesn't support thos cool osx gestures But you can use it as mouse replacement...

In Ubuntu Karmic (10.04) e.g. you just need to get kernel 2.6.35 - which is available from the ppa:kernel/ppa repo. One reboot and one bt pairing later it works...left/right click and point and click (the last one only using the integrated button). In Ubuntu 10.10 it works from the scratch hence 10.10 alrady includes 2.6.35 or newer kernel...

Have fun with it...

Highlight 2

You will only be able to get a maximum of up to 2 finger up/down scrolling on Linux with the magic trackpad. Pinch-to-rotate, 3-finger and 4 finger scrolling won't work. which makes it as good as an expensive paperweight.

Highlight 3

Multitouch support is said to come with ubuntu Maverick (10.10)... Also Firefox and Chrome are reported to work on Multitouch Support to come soon. Still I like the fact that I can use the trackpad on my macs as well as on my linux boxes

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