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Is there a way to disable password policy in Windows Server 2008 using command prompt. I know how to do it using Local Security Policy in Administrative Tools. I was wondering if there is a way to change using command prompt. I guess there must be some registry settings that needs to be changed but I do not know which entry in registry will disable the password policy. If you can tell me which registry entry I can write the command prompt myself.


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Account policies cannot be changed directly through the Registry; they are handled by LSASS and stored along with user accounts. Microsoft provides a complete list of Group Policy registry keys, and it says:

Password Policy security settings are not registry keys.

There might be a way to change them through WMI or Group Policy API.

On a stand-alone workstation, the "complexity requirements" bit is part of value F in key HKLM\SECURITY\SAM\Domains\Account.

Don't even think about attacking LSASS with regedit.

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