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What is the process of sharing folders and files to other computers using the WIFI network (D-Link router)?

Can you point me to a good tutorial on how to do this?

I'm in my computer (desktop), and I want to share my files and folders to 2 laptops.

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You want to set up a Homegroup if the operating systems on all the computers are Windows 7.


What is HomeGroup? - HomeGroup is an easy way to share documents, music, pictures, videos, and printers between networked computers at home or in a small business—without a server.

Windows 7 HomeGroup: Frequently Asked Questions.

Some other methods:

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See a video tutorial of how to use Homegroup – Shekhar Jan 8 '11 at 5:47

Consider installing Windows Live Mesh. This does not require a server machine to be always online, and allows retrieving your files remotely.

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Since I posted this answer, LiveMesh has been replaced by SkyDrive. – Dour High Arch Sep 11 '13 at 5:08

Go to Run type in services.msc
Start the server process
Now right click on the folder you wish to share and go to properties , you should find a tab for sharing .
Enable it .
This folder should now be visible on other machines

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Sharing Files will be easy for windows and mac user, you need to install Anysend app in your windows and mac PC,

This link has the Instruction to how to install anysend and How to send file over the wifi.

I Think you will love this app!

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