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I have a laptop with win7 and a ATI Radeon 6370M graphics adapter which is not recognized by the ATI installation program. Is there a way to download specific drivers for this card and force the installation?

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When you're installing drivers for a laptop graphics chip, it's best to get the laptop manufacturer's drivers. The reason being they are quite often optimised for use with the mainboard & display.

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It turnes out I was dealing with a rebranded Ati Radeon 6370M chip. I found the correct drivers through a custom Catalyst created by Acer, available here

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If you go to the ATI site, you should be able to find the drivers for that.

I would also doing an overall Windows Update. It would worth a try as well.

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Catalyst does not recognize the graphic card at all... – Tudor Olariu Jan 9 '11 at 17:26

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