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What I mean is, when I open it in e.g. magicISO to edit, it lists like three subfolders, and also a .ds_store file a .symavqsfile file, .volumeicon.icns file, desktop DB, desktop DF, discinfo, etc, etc. If I mount it in Daemon Tools and look inside, it shows it as having an .exe, and some other completely different files.

What gives?

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Some discs show different file systems to Mac OS X and Windows systems. It sounds like MagicISO is showing you the Mac OS X filesystem and Daemon Tools is showing you the Windows filesystem.

.DS_Store is a file used by Mac OS X, and filenames beginning with a dot generally indicate they were made by a program that behaves like a Unix program. Filenames ending with .exe indicate they were meant for Windows (or Mono, but usually Windows).

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OK. Any ideas on how to get MagicISO to stop thinking I'm on a Mac? – victoriah Jan 9 '11 at 5:23
@victhoriah - Ask this in another question (we don't charge extra for that). – Nifle Jan 9 '11 at 10:47

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