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I'm looking for a portable AV for my USB-Stick (currently using ClamWinAV), and heard that F-Prot is good. Do they offer a free (earlier) version with up-to-date virus definitions, if so where can I download it?

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F-Prot is not available for free (only a trial version) nor in a portable version.

However, Pen Drive Apps has a whole list of portable anti-virus software for you to pick from!

Looking at other recommendations like this, ClamWin should be a good pick.

ClamWin Portable – Antivirus to Go alt text

No computer should be without good antivirus software. One nice Portable Antivirus solution is ClamWin Portable. ClamWin Portable is Free Open Source software that can be installed to a USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or even a CD. You can then take it with you to run from any Windows computer to diagnosing and scan for viruses without leaving any traces behind.

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See Portable Antivirus – Ultimate List of Best USB Anti Virus.

It has a list of 9 antiviruses and a nice image :


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