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I have a list of urls like:


How can I use grep to match the domain names only?

All the urls have a / after the domain. And there are a lot of tlds, not sure how many, the list is quite big.

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In order to use non-greedy regexes with grep you will need to use the -P option and the -o option outputs only the matching portion. You will also need to use lookarounds so that part of the match is not included in the output.

grep -Po '.*?//\K.*?(?=/)'


$ echo 'hxxp://' | grep -Po '.*?//\K.*?(?=/)'
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There is a great place to test your regex skills here. The expression should look like


You will need to loop through all the results. On the page that I have given you, you can put this expression in and a web address and it will then show you what matched. Also remember that you will then have the captured variable for only a limited time.

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That won't work for – Karl Bielefeldt Feb 2 '11 at 8:53

If they only have one TLD after the domain then this should work (I'm assuming you want to exclude the subdomain):


It still has the trailing slash though, but you can just pipe that through sed.

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