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When working with files on my mac I employ a mixed approach of shell/finder or keyboard/mouse, similar to working with 4NT and Explorer on Windows.

One thing I use(d) extensively on Windows is to copy the path of the current directory to the clipboard. This is an extended feature of TakeCommand by JPSoft, on Windows.

Is there a way to copy the current path from the bash shell to the mac's clipboard, so I can use it in 'file open' and/or similar dialogues?

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printf "$PWD" | pbcopy

There's also the program pbpaste that pastes (pb = pasteboard, i.e. clipboard).

Use Cmd-Shift-G in open file dialogs to insert that path.

Thanks to Dennis Williamson for the printf hint.

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printf "$PWD" | pbcopy or printf "$(pwd)" | pbcopy will eliminate the trailing newline. – Dennis Williamson Jan 10 '11 at 7:56

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