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I see tons of videos dealing with WEP cracking, but actaully none of them teach about how Wifis work. They are just a bunch of commands thrown at the screen. Where can I learn about the inner mechanics of wifis? Can you recommend a website or a book?

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And, 10 Tips for Wireless Home Network Security
I skipped the Wikipedia, but you can look it up from these references.

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Any raw in-depth book recommendations for fundamental understanding? – Pacerier Mar 5 '13 at 9:56

The podcast "Security Now" did a full show about wifi security, you can find the transcript here : (in pdf here)

It is very detailed :

Steve: No. No. And there again, AES is a cipher called "Rijndael." TKIP is a protocol. CCMP is the protocol which uses AES. I mean, so my point is...

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This was a really useful read. Very detailed, but still quite understandable. Steve is really awesome at explaining things. Big thanks for the link! – Ilari Kajaste Sep 2 '09 at 10:59

If you are looking in a personal sense, I think there are some great answers already posted.

If you are looking in a professional sense, I would recommend looking into CWNP site (, which provides a vendor neutral 802.11 certification path.

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