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Is it possible to connect to a RD session that has been started (and abandoned) from a remote machine using xrdp? Also I'd like to be able to do the exact opposite: to remotely login to a session that has been initiated locally.
I'm trying to get as close as possible to how Windows RD behaves. (Which also includes that the session would use my terminal machine/monitor resolution. I wasn't able to achieve that using VNC.)

Suggestions to a better alternative to xrdp are welcome please. I don't know Linux too much.

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This is how one can connect to a locally started session: Xrdp, installing.

To connect locally to a remotely initiated session one would probably use some VNC client, simply connect via VNC to your own machine...? My understanding is that xrdp is kinda 'layer' above VNC so the VNC server is running anyways.

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