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I use iPhoto '09 on my Mac.

Every time I hit my laptop's play button while in iPhoto, instead of iTunes playing my audio, iPhoto goes into a photo loop.

How can I get iPhoto to ignore the play button completely?

And a related question: Once iPhoto start playing a slideshow, how can I get it to stop?

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I found the answer to question #1 (deactivating F7F8F9 in iPhoto):

Easy and efficient (and undoable)!

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well i have one for question #2 - hit escape to stop the slideshow

maybe there is something in system prefs for removing the function

or in iphoto's prefs

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Hitting esc should kill it, but for some reason it doesn't do anything. Thanks. – Andrew Warner Jan 13 '11 at 4:19

Hm. Esc works in iPhoto '11, but I don't have an older version running right now to test out. Perhaps hitting the button again (this time to pause) before hitting Esc would cause it to exit properly? Or perhaps command+.

You can disable that key entirely by switching the top row to function keys (requiring the use of the Fn key on your keyboard to get the alternate use). Do this by going into System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard, and check "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys."

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