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I'm running Apache on a Windows machine for local testing and I'm new to it.

Currently, if I navigate to localhost/ in a web browser, it will display an index.html page if one exists. Otherwise, it will display the directory listing.

  • How can I make it so that navigating to a root directory will display more than index.html? What I need is so that if either: index.html, index.htm, or index.php exist, it will navigate to one of those.
  • How can I disable showing directory roots? I would like it to return a 403 Forbidden error if no index page exists.
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First for the index part. Open up your httpd.conf file and look for this section.

# DirectoryIndex: sets the file that Apache will serve if a directory
# is requested.
# The index.html.var file (a type-map) is used to deliver content-
# negotiated documents.  The MultiViews Option can be used for the
# same purpose, but it is much slower.
DirectoryIndex index.htm index.html index.html.var

In most cases you won't add index.php here since it will either be in a separate conf or in the php.conf.

Then for your directory listing there are a few options. You can either use a .htaccess file or put it in the httpd conf. For the conf file you can add something like this.

<Directory /path/to/directory>
   Options -Indexes
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