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Long ago I tried out many SIM Card reader software for Windows XP and decided that SIM Secretary was the best of the bunch (or do you know better?).

Unfortunately it does not run on Windows 7 - who can recommend a good Card reader software for Windows 7?

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I too did some digging there and couldn't find a good solution. It seems most software expects serial card readers and has problems with new API from windows 7. I did manage to find a program (unfortunately, I can't remember its name), but it would sometimes work and at other times complain how my card reader isn't connected to serial port... –  AndrejaKo Jan 11 '11 at 3:53
+1 thanks for trying –  Mawg Feb 2 '11 at 8:31
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XP Mode is the easiest solution for software that runs good in XP but not Windows 7. It is basically a virtual machine with a free copy of XP provided by MS. I have had very good luck with it, one of the best features is that once a program is installed to the XP Mode virtual machine, you don't have to start the virtual machine to run that program. The program in question will appear in your Windows 7 Start Menu under Windows Virtual PC > XP Mode Applications and when you want to use it will run in the XP environment virtually transparent to you.

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