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I accidentally installed some USB drivers to my Windows 7 system, they were the wrong ones and now my keyboard and mouse won't work. A system restore would get rid of them, but obviously I can't control my computer to make that happen.

Keyboard and mouse still work before windows has loaded, in the BIOS and boot system, so can I do anything from there? I've already tried booting into another OS, accessing my windows filesystem and deleting the Program Files entry, but it didnt work so they must go deeper than that. Or could i launch it from a remote machine? I've got some VNC server insalled so if i could get that running that could work.

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Your own idea there, VNC, is an excellent idea since it's installed. Certainly. or mstsc/remote desktop if it was installed. Ps2 is another good option if you have the ports. –  barlop Jan 11 '11 at 12:07

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A few suggestions:

Have you tried going in to safe mode? If you're lucky the bad drivers will not load, and you'll have control to be able to launch a restore.

To get to safe mode:
Repeatedly press F8 immediately after the BIOS screens disappears and you should get a menu up to select the mode you require.

Try booting with a Windows 7 install disk.

I'm fairly sure it has a system restore option on it, so you can restore directly without having to boot the unworkable system.

Connect a PS2 keyboard/mouse or use a USB-to-PS2 adapter to connect your current hardware to the PS2 ports.

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The install disc fixed it. Can't believe i didn't think of it.. Thanks for your help. –  user62371 Jan 11 '11 at 13:37

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