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Possible Duplicate:
How to browse safely?

What's the best way to browse "suspicious" sites safely.

I know Firefox used to be "the thing", but now I don't think it is (IMHO).

What I'm using now is a virtual machine (with virtual box), rhat I periodically format.

I heard some time ago of a project that glued the 2 together (kinda... everytime you startup the program it used a fresh machine with a fresh browser), but I lost track of them

So my question is: How can I Browse the web securely ?

Ps.: In in ubuntu

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Very similar to How to browse safely? – DMA57361 Jan 11 '11 at 12:14

Honestly if you know a site is unsafe then don't go to it. But if you must use the points below as guidelines.

  • With virtual box create a snapshot of the machine before browsing the site and then revert to the snapshot when you are done. This is a bit simpler and less time consuming than reformatting all the time.
  • You could also browse the web with a text based browser such as eLinks ( you can apt-get install elinks).While its pretty secure its not the easiest way.
  • Finally you can do think like installing Firefox addin's such as NoScript and Block Images. Which prevents potentially damaging content from loading at all.

Finally there is no real safe way you just have to be careful about where and how you browse

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