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I need a keyboard shortcut for Merge & Center. I'd like it to be ControlShiftM. I am unfamiliar with Macros as was suggested in another answer and when I go to Options, I can't find shortcuts...I tried to follow the Help info, but as was already answered the Excel Customize Ribbon doesn't have the same options that Word 2010 does.

So, how do I go about it step by step? I know this is for superuser...and I'm not one...but I hope to be one some day. Please help me on the way.

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Looks like this has been asked before:… – Nick Jan 12 '11 at 4:46

There are some built in shortcuts. You can press ALT then H then M then C.

Or to use less keystokes, you can right click on the "Merge & Center" button and click "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" and then use ALT followed by whatever position it is in the toolbar (by default 4).

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Try to use Alt + Enter. .

Well, what it really does is 'repeat last action'.

So if your last action was to click 'merge and center' button, alt enter will repeat it - otherwise it will repeat something else (like create new sheet, make text bold or whatever was done lately).

Some would call it a bug, others undocumented feature.

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Would you care to expand on your answer – Tog Sep 11 '13 at 12:43
What it actually does is 'repeat previous action', pretty much like F4 or Ctrl-Y'. I was misled by clicking the 'merge and center' button, and then trying Alt-Enter. – Antony Hatchkins Sep 11 '13 at 13:50

Actually it is not that difficult to assign a macro to ctrl-shift-m. No VBA is necessary for that.

  • Start recording a macro (service | macros | start recording a macro),
  • press shift-m so that it is assigned to ctrl-shift-m,
  • click 'merge and center',
  • end recording a macro (click an icon with a blue square).

That's it.

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