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I have been mucking around for days, trying to find the right combination that lets me debug with breakpoints and variable viewing, in Eclipse, without crashing Apache.

  • PHP 5.3? PHP 5.2?
  • Eclipse Helios? Eclipse Galileo? One or the other with certain versions of xdebug or php? Or do I really need to use NetBeans or something else?
  • Is my 64 bit OS the problem? Do need specific 64bit versions of PHP, Eclipse or Xdebug to work on Windows 7 64?
  • Any special xdebug config options and tricks that I need in php.ini? Like turning off xdebug.profiler_enable or not using quotes around my zend_extension path to the xdebug dll?
  • A Vhosts issue?
  • Scrap the whole thing and go back to Win XP or Ubuntu?

Here's what I've already been reading:

Basically what would be great is if folks could post their working (i.e. debugging with breakpoints and local variable viewing in Eclipse) Win7 64bit configurations, including:

  • PHP version (5.3.1, 5.2.11, etc)
  • Xdebug dll (2.1.0-5.3-vc6, etc)
  • Xdebug php.ini config (zend_extension = "C:\xampp\php\ext\php_xdebug.dll", etc)
  • Apache version (2.2.14, etc)
  • Eclipse version
  • Anything else important? The "secret ingredient"?

Thanks! I miss my debugger since I got a new laptop with Win 7! Sadly it looks like some of the drivers (switchable graphics, multi-touch pad, etc) on my lappy don't work right with Ubuntu yet, so I feel a bit trapped on Win :( I know I will figure something out eventually, but I've been at this trial-and-error game a while and am seeking some guidance.

(Originally posted on StackOverflow here, but moved to SuperUser:)

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