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I edit frequently on Super User, and it is a pain to edit for capitalization or words that are shortened, i.e. Win7 instead of Windows 7, or windows versus Windows.

Using Firefox 3.6 and/or 4, Is there a way (using an extension or configure settings) I can configure the dictionary to automatically recognize words that may not be capitalized or are shortened (while editing a post)?

Say, have the dictionary see Win7 and underline it so that I can right-click on it, and select Windows 7? I would want it to be configurable, so I can tell it what to look for, etc...

Ideas or recommendations?

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I present you FoxReplace, a Firefox extension (4.0b8pre) that can replace single words or whole phrases individually or automatically using custom filters.

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are you the author? – studiohack Jan 12 '11 at 0:36

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