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I have a Logitech G700 mouse. I'd like to remap the scroll up and down actions of the scroll wheel to either a key press or macro. Is this possible using the SetPoint software or some other means?

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I don't think you can. SetPoint will let you change the actions for left and right scroll but I don't see any options in there for up or left scroll, nor even middle click.

There is a guide for what SetPoint can do with your mouse here:

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You can always try UberOptions - this should make all buttons incl. the wheel.

It doesn't directly support Setpoint 6 though, be sure to read the notes on the homepage.

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Use the new Logitech Gaming Software.

Looks like they are splitting the gaming devices into their own application and device drivers.

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The software doesn't have options for the scroll wheel, only for its buttons. – Louis Feb 17 '13 at 22:53

Use Xmouse Button Control It'll let you re-map any button on any mouse with pretty much any custom action, including running scripts etc.

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