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I know about:blank will give you a blank page in Internet Explorer (and just about any other browser) and many of the error pages have URLs starting with just about: as well. Are there any other pages of informational or diagnostic value that have similar addresses?

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Easiest way to find this info is from the about: URI scheme Wikipedia entry.

Note that on Windows Internet Explorer's about: addresses are configurable. It is therefore possible that some of the listed addresses will not work on a particular computer

There's a list of common about: addresses and a list of those for Internet Explorer:

Displays the user's home page.

Displays the blank page.

Displays "navigation cancelled" page.

Displays "navigation cancelled" page.

Displays "navigation cancelled" page.

about:noadd-ons (IE7+)
Displays information page when add-ons are disabled.

about:noadd-onsinfo (IE7+)
Displays information page about the effects when you use add-ons.

Informs the user that the current page can not be viewed off line.

Informs the user that to refresh the current page, information entered in a form will have to be re-posted.

Informs the user not to browse with the current security settings because they may be harmful to the computer.

about:tabs (IE7+)
Informs the user about tabbed browsing. It is also loaded when a new tab is created if the "Open home page for new tabs instead of a blank page" setting is enabled

about:inprivate (IE8+)
Informs the user about InPrivate Browsing. It is loaded when InPrivate Browsing is initiated.

And one from the common list:

about:mozilla (only before XP SP2)
The Windows version of IE showed a blank HTML document with blue background color. Possibly a joke reference to the "Blue Screen of Death". Removed in Windows XP SP2 but it can still be shown by typing "res://mshtml.dll/about.moz" instead

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How do I configure the about urls in IE. Mine have been hijacked by the malicious software. – Old Geezer May 21 '15 at 1:05
Don't know I'm afraid, probably worth asking a new question about. – DMA57361 May 21 '15 at 7:29

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