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I am following these steps in order to build Awesome window manager on 10.04. I am building 3.4 while the tutorial is for 3.1. I installed all of the specified dependencies including Cairo.


I ran:

sudo apt-get install libxcb-xtest0-dev libxcb-property1-dev libxdg-basedir-dev libstartup-notification0-dev

And now it looks like I'm missing a library:

>awesome-3.4$ make
Running cmake…
-- cat -> /bin/cat
-- ln -> /bin/ln
-- grep -> /bin/grep
-- git -> /usr/bin/git
-- hostname -> /bin/hostname
-- gperf -> /usr/bin/gperf
-- asciidoc -> /usr/bin/asciidoc
-- xmlto -> /usr/bin/xmlto
-- gzip -> /bin/gzip
-- lua -> /usr/bin/lua
-- luadoc -> /usr/bin/luadoc
-- convert -> /usr/bin/convert

-- Configuring lib/naughty.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/tooltip.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/init.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/titlebar.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/key.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/mouse/init.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/mouse/finder.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/autofocus.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/screen.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/rules.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/init.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/taglist.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/graph.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/tasklist.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/common.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/prompt.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/launcher.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/button.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/layoutbox.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/layout/init.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/layout/vertical.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/layout/horizontal.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/layout/default.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/progressbar.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/widget/textclock.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/dbus.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/remote.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/client.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/prompt.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/completion.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/tag.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/util.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/button.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/menu.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/hooks.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/wibox.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/layout/init.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/layout/suit/init.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/layout/suit/floating.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/layout/suit/fair.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/layout/suit/spiral.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/layout/suit/magnifier.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/layout/suit/tile.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/layout/suit/max.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/placement.lua  
-- Configuring lib/awful/startup_notification.lua  
-- Configuring lib/beautiful.lua  
-- Configuring themes/zenburn//theme.lua  
-- Configuring themes/default//theme.lua  
-- Configuring themes/sky//theme.lua  
-- Configuring config.h  
-- Configuring awesomerc.lua  
-- Configuring awesome-version-internal.h  
-- Configuring awesome.doxygen  
-- Configuring done  
-- Generating done  

-- Build files have been written to: /home/druden/util/awesome-3.4/.build-vedroid-i486-linux-gnu-4.4.3
Running make Makefile…
[  4%] Built target generated_sources  
[  5%] Building C object CMakeFiles/awesome.dir/awesome.c.o  
In file included from /home/druden/util/awesome-3.4/spawn.h:25,  
                 from /home/druden/util/awesome-3.4/awesome.c:33:  


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your make output is missing the error as cut off at the end. – Dan D. Feb 13 '12 at 15:40


$> apt-get build-dep awesome

that fetches all external deps you would need to build the package via debian/ubuntu tools.


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