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Suppose that I find a interesting Website (having around 50 pages)
Suppose that I want to read it offline on my ebook device

How can i do it ?

I can download the website through HTTrack and then
What tool to use to "pack" all downloaded pages into ONE ebook with a table of content ?

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OT: lol I misread eMac instead of eBook, and wondered how could you convert a website to be a... computer? – o0'. Jan 13 '11 at 11:47
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The best piece of software to do this (I think) is Sigil. Cross platform and open source.

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Depending on how nice the code of the website is (and thus whether any changes need to be made to the CSS / HTML - ePub only supports a limited subset) a simple conversion could work using Calibre. A simpler interface than Sigil, it can sometimes have problems with malformed (X)HTML.

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