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I have just added ASL logging support to my application (a compiled binary) but I cannot see any log entries using I am logging with facility 'com.mydomain.myapp' (that's not the actual value) and have added an entry to /private/etc/asl.conf to tell syslogd to 'store' entries at this Facility (with any Level):

? [= Facility com.mydomain.myapp] store

I HUP'd syslogd with no success so I restarted my MacBook Pro, which also made no difference.

I know my application is logging OK as I have added the option ASL_OPT_STDERR when calling asl_open() and can see the entries on stderr. I have also set the filters, using asl_set_filter(), to allow the appropriate levels to be sent to the server.

EDIT: I have seen this article, which gives an alternative way of setting the 'cutoff' value used by syslogd, however than doesn't work either (tried both temporary and permanent fixes):

... the reason you don't see Info or Debug messages is that the syslogd daemon filters them. If you want to change the filtering in syslogd, you can change the startup options in /System/Library/ LaunchDaemons/ (add -c and
-7 in the ProgramArguments array). That makes the change "permanent" (until you change the plist again). See the syslogd (8) man page.

Alternatively, you can make a temporary change to the syslogd database filter value using the "syslog" command-line utility. sudo syslog -c syslogd -d

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You don't say whether this app is a shell script or a compiled binary. If a shell script I have always used the logger command to update logs in syslog. If you are using Xcode and building a compiled Cocoa project you might get better assistance posting to StackOverFlow.

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It's a compiled binary (without GUI). I don't think SO is appropriate and I'm pretty sure it's not a programming error - rather it seems to be a system error. – trojanfoe Jan 13 '11 at 12:30

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