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I am running Ubuntu 10.10 via VMWare under Windows 7. I have followed the procedure to install the USB stick. It is now connected to the host.

However, I don't know how to access the content of the stick. My Google research indicates that this may be a mounting issue. I read somewhere that I should check /proc/bus/usb, but the usb directory does not exist in /proc/bus. Unfortunately, I am not a Linux expert at this.

The ultimate issue I am trying to solve is the one describe here. I am trying to use vi to create ~/.vmware/config, but it is virtually impossible to use vi, since I don't have access to the arrow keys (chicken & egg problem). I have created the config file on my usb stick and want to copy it where it should be.


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I just had the same question and found the solution on the VMWare forum. This is a different solution from sharing folders between the host and guest OS as described above. It's an alternative if you don't want to use folder sharing.

Essentially, you need to find your USB drive under Virtual Machine -> Removable Devices, and click connect. Alternatively you can do this by clicking on the USB drive's icon on the bottom of the VMWare window. This works with VMWare 4.0.4.

VMWare window running Ubuntu 11.10 server

After "connecting" the drive, then you have to mount it with the standard mount command in Linux.

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Have you tried simply drag'n'droping the file from Windows to Ubuntu?

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I have installed the server version of Ubuntu which does not come with a GUI... – JVerstry Jan 13 '11 at 15:23
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I have found a solution to tranfert the config file: sharing folders between Vista 7 and Ubuntu inside VMware (see here for the procedure).

I still have not found a solution for my USB stick issue, but... I can move forward!

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