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I have an active application (lets say an instant messaging client) whose buddy list I have up (active) on one side of my screen at all times in Windows 7.

I would like to remove that icon from the taskbar either by moving it to the system tray (as happens when the app is minimized) or by just removing it altogether.

To be clear:

I do not want to minimize the window to the system tray (as described in Windows app to hide application from taskbar)

I want to keep the window its NORMAL size and location and just get rid of the taskbar icon for the app.

I'm looking for any tool, third party, native, registry hack, to accomplish this.

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If this is for an instant messaging client, which one is it? Most have this as an available feature built-in. – Iszi Jan 14 '11 at 16:21

If the particular application you want to hide from the Taskbar doesn't specifically allow you configure this, then you may have other options:

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