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I absolutely lived on the ' shortcut in Firefox, which allows you to do a find that applies to text links, and it focuses on them so you can hit Enter and proceed to that link.

Chrome only has ctrl-f which focuses on links as well, but you have to ESC out and then hit Enter, which is not as immediate as the Firefox shortcut.

Is anyone aware of a Chrome shortcut that replicates this functionality? Or is there some hidden shortcut/key that does this in Chrome which I'm simply unaware of?

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I did not know this shortcut before, thanks a lot. – gentlesea Nov 8 '11 at 13:47
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Might not be a native solution but you could use Chromium and use this extension:

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In current versions of chrome you can do:

Ctrl + F, < search query >, Ctrl + Enter

Which is a bit more convenient compared to using ESC.

Source: How to do a quick find with forward slash in Chrome?

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Not quite the same. I believe is the equivalent of a / quick search in Firefox (which searches everything), what the question here wants is how to do a ' quick search (which only searches links). – DMA57361 Nov 8 '11 at 13:58

I believe the best plugin to enable this on Chrome (currently) is Quick Find for Google Chrome. Unfortunately Chrome doesn't have this feature by default.

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