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I am trying to use xcopy and it always returns with invalid drive specification

xcopy "C:\socp.tar" "\\FMDX1024\C\socp.tar"

FMDX1024 is a machine on the network.

any clue?

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Are you missing a colon off that second "C" – Tog Jan 13 '11 at 19:39
It looks like you are trying to use the hidden admin share which is C$, unless you actually have shared a drive with the share name C. – Scott McClenning Jan 13 '11 at 19:52


xcopy "C:\socp.tar" "\\FMDX1024\C$\socp.tar"

C$ is an Administrative share, which must be enabled by undoing Simple File Sharing.

See :
How to enable in Windows XP SP3
How to enable hidden administrative shares on XP Home edition

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If I put in a valid path, XCOPY completes successfully for me.

If I purposely put in an invalid path, XCOPY returns, "Invalid drive specification".

So guessing what you think you have, you do not. Either the \\FMDX1024\ or C\ is incorrect (& it need not be "C\", it could be called anything).

C:\TMP>xcopy xxx.txt \\therube\c_drive\tmp\xxx.txt


1 File(s) copied

C:\TMP>xcopy xxx.txt \\therube\c\tmp\xxx.txt

Invalid drive specification

0 File(s) copied

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