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I have a 7 GB VOB file which I created from a DVD using ffmpeg dump to remove CSS protection (it is legal where I live to do so). Now, I want to create a DVD/.iso that will be understood by regular DVD players/appliances. How do I do it? Freeware and/or linux solutions are much appreciated.

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One thing to take into account: A common single-layer DVD+/-R is only 4.3 GB. You'll either need to get dual-layer blank DVDs or re-encode the movie to fit into the smaller space. – afrazier Jul 7 '11 at 16:50
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You can use DVDAuthor for this. There is a good chance it will be available in your Linux distribution's package repository (it certainly is in Ubuntu).

DVDAuthor generates a correctly-formatted file structure for playback by standard DVD players, using files containing an MPEG-2 stream as input and an XML file to control the operation. The simplest format is the "one chapter, one source" usage described here.

For example, you might create an XML file like:

    <vmgm />
                <vob file="your_extracted_vob.vob" />

Then invoke the dvdauthor command with:

$ dvdauthor -o /tmp/dvd-image -x your_xml_file.xml

After the command finishes, there will be a directory of DVD-formatted files in /tmp/dvd-image, which you can burn to a DVD using the usual growisofs command.

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