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I understand this is because I'm loading some stuff via http:// but does that mean a single http reference can't appear in the source? Even in examples like <a href="http://...">...</a>?

How can I find specially which resources are causing the problems?


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See this question which describes how to see a list all resources. It includes the URL, which you can inspect to see if is http instead of https.

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Absolutely, it's invaluable. When I got bitten, it turned out to be that my securely loaded CSS was using Google Web Fonts with an http: load to add a new font; changed that to an https and the problem was solved. I'd never have tracked it down without the DevTools Resources panel. – Phil P Jan 14 '11 at 1:37

Hyperlinks do not load resources unless clicked. Typical culprits are usually images or frames loaded without the https prefix. I'd take a look through the source for http links for a better idea.

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