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I was looking through the google analytics for my site and noticed a rather odd resolution. Any idea what sort of device might use such a resolution?

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The ratio is 1.66666... recurring. I don't know if that's significant. – ChrisF Jan 13 '11 at 23:58

Can you get the browser type? That would help narrow it down a lot. I came across this before in log files and the reported software was Netscape 5.0 on Windows 3.1.

I don't think this has ever been a standard resolution on Windows so it may have been running in a virtual environment of some sort.

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Netbook comes to mind. Also, you can set your card/monitor to odd sizes sometimes. And as someone else said, it could also be a virtual environment. It is also possible that the resolution was detected incorrectly.

Note that available resolutions is up to the video card drivers, and NOT Windows.

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Internet kiosks in shopping malls and airports also come to mind as devices with odd screen resolutions.

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