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I would like to download the source at I dont see any zip options as i do with other source control.

How can i download the source of the latest revision or one specific branch. I would like to install nothing to do it.

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You can't, is what it seems like. – Sathya Jan 14 '11 at 3:14

The answer is completely wrong! Loggerhead supports exporting Zip and TGZ. Just the location of the link is bad. Go to your Repository → View Revision → Download tarball.

There is a tiny bug in the code. Just add the line:

basename =  None

on line 146 (the if statement true test) only if your python version is 2.7 or higher.

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This saved my life. – ZeWaren Jan 22 '14 at 16:00

The option for a zip download depends on the frontend, not on the source control system. Which means, it only works with a bazaar frontend that allows to download. Loggerhead doesn't.

So the only solution is installing bazaar ( and using the following command.

bzr branch lp:connectornet

or downloading one file after another.

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