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Is it possible to do this?

My problem is some of my passwords end in an upper-case letter or a special character that requires the SHIFT key to be held down. When I finish typing and press ENTER, I end up pressing shift+enter which causes a new chrome window to pop up.

I like Chrome but this is very annoying.

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I just entered this comment, now hit SHIFT_ENTER --> no new window for me. Where are you seeing this behaviour ? – Sathya Jan 14 '11 at 7:06

I solved this issue on my Mac using the app Keyboard Maestro. From within Keyboard Maestro, I created a Chrome-specific shortcut that makes "shift+return" (i.e., "shift+enter") execute a simple return/enter (i.e., as if shift hadn't been pressed). Works like a charm.

(I'm guessing similar software is available for Windows and other OS's, but I don't know for sure.)

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A friend of mine had a similar problem so I whipped up this Chrome userscript for him. The way it works is if you are in a password field and press SHIFT+ENTER it will stop the keypress event from propagating and instead try to submit the form.

To install to Chrome click on the "raw" link in github or click here
Hope it helps!

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