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I just installed Windows 7 RTM on one of my systems and was playing around with customizing the Logon screen background. I thought that the OS name at the bottom was part of the actual graphic, but it showed up on the new graphic I created.

Is there any way to remove this logo from the login? I'm hoping it's just a registry tweak. Likely if anyone knows the solution for Vista it will be the same, so please speak up.

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Here are some steps to remove it:

* Download [Logon Screen][2]
* Download & install [LogonVista][3]
* Load the logon which is in the rar file
* Take ownership for basebrd.dll from c:\windows\branding\basebrd\basebrd.dll
* Replace with the given dll
* Logout and see the changes

Note: I think that LogonVista references to LogonStudio...

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Apparently the Vista version of LogonStudio from Stardock also works on Windows 7.

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