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I am using Photoshop CS5, by default, Photoshop saves image slices in a folder named images.

This is fine but there are lots of images, saving them all in a single folder becomes quite messy.

What I would like to do in Photoshop is, it allows me to specify which sub-folder a slice should go under the default images folder.

For example, a website template PSD file, I would like to save image slices that appear in the header under images\header\. Maybe for the images in the footer, they should go images\footer\.

Of course, I can group them manually after the slices are extracted.

If possible, I would like to define them in Photoshop, so that every time the image slices are extracted, they each go to the specified sub-folder automatically.

Is this possible in Photoshop?

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If you want this level of control, it's probably time you moved past using slices in Photoshop :-/ – Django Reinhardt Jul 28 '14 at 10:29

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