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In outlook, you can request 'delivery receipts' and 'read receipts'. I like the delivery receipts, but not enough to have them clutter my inbox. I've made a rule to filter these over to an 'ack' folder based on the words

Return Receipt

in the body. However, this rule never works to redirect storage of these receipts into the 'ack' folder. Anybody know how to make this filter work?

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It works in Outlook 2003 by running the rule on the subject line. Try modifying your rule to run when matching the subject line. – Steve Jan 19 '11 at 7:14
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Since Outlook 2007 is somewhat blind to the Return Receipts, I had to create a kludgy rule to catch them. I tell outlook to look for inbound messages between 5 and 11 KB in size. I only ask a certain client to give return receipts. So I additionally limit the filtering/moving of emails to those that originate from the client's domain.

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