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I need to make lpr print just the first page of my document, however it continues to print everything. Itried these commands:

lpr -P <myprinter> -o page-ranges=1 <myfile>
lp -d <myprinter> -o page-ranges=1 <myfile>
lp -d <myprinter> P 1 <myfile>
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Which version of CUPS? – Kurt Pfeifle Jan 14 '11 at 19:24

Appears it would be: lp -p 1

(plus whatever else you'll need to pass to lp to get it to print what you want to print).

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It is probably for an ancient version of the cups, or even not for a cups printing system version. In the current cups, printing happens with the lpr command and not with lp, and the -p flag has different meaning. – peterh Jun 25 at 2:29

It depends on the CUPS version. To the googlers of the future:

Yes, the -o page-ranges=2 should work.

The probable reason behind your problem is that there are previous projects left in your queue. You can check this in the CUPS administration panel on http://localhost:631 . Go to the printer managing and delete all of the tasks there is yet in the printer queue.

And so, you won. Problem solved. Page-ranges work. We are happy. Good luck!

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