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Add a constant value to numbers matched with a regular expression, using vim (gvim).


The following regular expression will match width="32":



How do you replace the numeric value of the width attribute with the results from a mathematical expression that uses the attribute's value? For example, I would like to perform the following global replacement:


That would produce width="42" for width="32" and width="105" for width="95".

Thank you!

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To do expression evaluation in the substitution, see:

:help :s\=
:help submatch()

For example:


When you do expression substitution the entire substitution must be an expression, so you have to concatenate (see :help expr-.) the three elements of the expression. Broken down:

  • \=

Indicate the replacement pattern is an expression.

  • 'width="'

The first string.

  • (submatch(1) + 10)

Add ten to the first sub-pattern-match—enclosed in parenthesis so Vim doesn't try to include the preceding string in the addition operation.

  • '"'

The closing quote as a string.

(Note that I did not include the concatenation operators in the breakdown.)

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