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I know there are things like XAMPP thats portable, but it does not use latest version of the software, can I build my own?

I prefer portable stuff as they don't require installs, won't be affected if I format my Windows

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XAMPP already is portable if you run it from the root of a drive (that is, X:\ and not X:\Path\) and you don't run the setup script.

There are alternatives but none of them can hold a candle to XAMPP.

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There are a few guides that you can find on Google that show how to update the versions of software that they have


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You can install Apache, PHP, and MySQL manually. Here is a detailed instruction on another superuser thread.

Place your files in drive D instead of placing it in drive C. Should you reformat your drive C, you only need to reinstall the Visual C++ runtimes (needed by PHP and Apache binaries) and the Apache and MySQL windows services. Your files and configuration (httpd.conf, php.ini) are unaffected.

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