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I changed the proxy preferences in System->Preferences-> Network Proxy and applied "Apply System-wide". But after the change Firefox and other browsers goes through the proxy but not certain applications which i use to connect to internet.(like Songbird and other applets). Need a solution for this.

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You need to check in the apps whether the proxy settings are marked as "None", System Defaults, or Manual.

A lot of the apps have this default to None, which could be why they are not honouring the global settings you have applied.

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You change your proxy settings system wide. There isn't anything else you can do, system-wide, to achieve what you want. If some applications don't honor the setting, your best bet is a bug report.

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@Manni -Abhinav also say same thing . Dont Copy – joe Aug 17 '09 at 16:31
Well Manni said it first as per the timestamp :) I was probably on another window composing the answer ! – Abhinav Aug 20 '09 at 15:51

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