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I'm looking for a script that would check the beginning of a paragraph and first character after sentence's terminal (.,?,!), and then it would capitalize required letters.

Thank you for help.

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I'd suggest you additionally require a space after the terminal (hxxp://www.Google.Com). Still not perfect (Yahoo! employees), but fewer false positives. – Daniel Beck Jan 15 '11 at 12:50
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Give this a try:

%s/\(^\|[.?!] \+\)./\U&/g


`%` - for every line in the file
`s/` - substitute
`\( \| \)` - a group of alternatives
`^` - after a newline (beginning of paragraph)
`[.?!] \+` - after a terminal punctuation mark and one or more required spaces
`.` - any character (it's not necessary, but you could use `[[:alpha:]]` instead)
`/` - replacement
`\U` - uppercase the following string (it will only affect the `[[:alpha:]]` character
`/g` - end of command and make it apply to every match on a line
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