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I'm logging through Remote Desktop to windows 7. Some other users sometimes try to connect to the same computer, then a message box pops up with information that I have 30 seconds to block this try or I will be logged off. Sometimes I'm away and then I'm being logged off and when I come back I have to log on again.

Is there a way to turn off this functionality for single user. Is there some application that always breaks this login process ?

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you will need to remove users/groups from the allowed remote desktop users. This can be populated by groups or individual users. Unfortunately MS did not include a DENY option.

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This behavior is by design on Windows 7, and is supposed to force you to buy the costlier Windows Server 2008.

This is a solution : How to Enable Multiple Concurrent Remote Desktop Connections.

Just to remark that by doing this you will probably be violating your Windows EULA.

If you decide to apply this hack, I suggest creating first a system restore point.

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