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In the 'Messages' (inbox) view in Outlook 2007, there is a list of all messages (one liners) with several field. The rightmost field is the 'Flag Status' field.

enter image description here

I'm trying to move this icon to the left. All other columns are movable (via several methods), but this status icon is not.

How can I move it to the left of the headers line?

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Not a direct answer to your question, but I found DavHeili's suggestion here to be a suitable workaround. His suggestion: "As another alternative, You can leave the Flag Status where it is, and then use Conditional Formatting to create a rule on the "More Choices" tab where "Only items which: are flagged by me" is selected. I changed the font to Bold Italic Maroon. This way the whole message appears highlighted when the flag is set. And it un-highlights as soon as you uncheck it. That's my 2 cents worth." – Polshgiant Mar 12 '15 at 18:35
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It looks like this is a bug in Outlook.

If you right click on the columns and click "Customise current view" you can then choose the top option which is fields.

On the right hand side, there is a item called "Flag Status".

I have tried moving it a few times, and whatever I choose, it stays as the last column, even if when I go back to the "show fields" screen, it is still first.

I have tried a few other methods, but this looks like a bug.

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I managed to delete the "Flag Status", by right clicking and choosing "Remove this Column". However I was unable to drag it back off from the "Field Chooser" window. The only way of retriving this column was to reset the view to its original settings, by selecting View, Current View, Customize Current View, Reset Current View, and then reajusting if necessary the view to your liking.

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To reposition the Flag Status column, you need to remove it from the view first, then restore it in the desired position. To remove the Flag Status column, choose View, Arrange By, Current View, Customize Current View, then click Fields. In the Fields dialog box, select Flag Status, then click Remove. Click OK once to return to the Customize View dialog box. To restore the column in its new location, click Fields again. In the Fields dialog box, drag Flag Status from the Available Fields list into the Show these fields in this order list, positioning it as you want it to appear in the view

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This doesn't actually work in Outlook 2007 (for me). No matter where the flag is in the field column, it always shows up on the right. – Clayton Hughes Jan 25 '11 at 18:31

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