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I've imported a document into Open Office and it has a number of hard returns in wrong places. In MS Word, I could use the search and replace to simply get rid of them all easily, but Open Office's search won't find them. I tried /n with the 'use regular expressions' box checked, but it seems that only looks for 'shift-enter' breaks and not ordinary hard returns. Is there another way to remove them all quickly, or do I have to go manually through the document and remove each one individually. This is a surprising oversight for Open Office.

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Find & Replace in Writer can only search within a paragraph, but cannot search across a paragraph break.

You might give a try to the extension Alternative dialog Find & Replace for Writer by Tomas Bilek, which is reported as capable of searching across paragraphs.

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worked like a charm. – chrisfs Jan 15 '11 at 21:53

Click More options and select Regular Expressions, then use $ in the find box to locate and select paragraph breaks. If you do not put anything in the Replace box, it will delete them. Or you could put a space in the Replace box.

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