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I have a bunch of Xvid videos lying around, and I would love to convert them to a format that will play on my iPod touch efficiently and quickly.

What free programs can do this? Although I am after something to run on Leopard, Windows programs wouldn't be bad either.

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HandBrake is a great crossplatform program for converting all kinds of stuff, especially to iPod formats

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Handbrake will do this. MP4 is probably your best bet for a mix of efficiency and speed.

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+1 for format recommendation as well. I use this on Linux works like a charm! –  Anonymous Aug 16 '09 at 13:30

If it's a YouTube video, I use OnlineVideoConverter. It works great on most videos.

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How about Evom? I've only used it for small-ish videos, but it works like a charm.

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If you have a nVidia CUDA GPU, you could use Badaboom. It takes 3-4 mins to convert a 700 MB movie with it.

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