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When I choose the "Create System Image" option in Windows Backup & Restore, it says that it will take system image of my C:\ and V:\ partitions. My Windows 7 is installed on V: and I use C:\ for taking backups. Now, my question is, is it possible to ignore taking backup of C:\ partition? I only want to get a copy of system image of V:

By the way, I used to have Vista on my C:\ partition sometime ago and I formatted it recently to use the partition for taking backups.

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No you cannot, you will have to use a 3rd party image software to do this.

Acronis or Paragon software can do it. (not free)



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And If i get a image (I assume it's going to generate an .iso file), how would I be able to copy that image to my V:\ partition later? Will GParted be able to do this? – Ctroy Jan 16 '11 at 16:14
Every program makes its own proprietary image format, so you would use the same software that generated it to restore it to any partition you want. – Moab Jan 16 '11 at 16:43

I'm sure that your HDD is marked as active.

Hard drive images include every HDD marked as an active disk, even if you had operating system before HDD was marked as an active disk and even after formatting it stays active disk.

  1. So take some disk director and you'll see that is marked as active disk. Click on it and remark those HDDs as dynamic disk.

  2. Check the BIOS because the boot sequence can be wrong, and ensure that first HDD boot is marked as the HDD where the OS is installed.

...and your problem is gone.

And for those that say "I do not see an option to exclude my data drives." the active disk can't be excluded so check the active disk status and you'll see the same. Also check the BIOS HDD boot sequence.

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