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Is there a way to have Silverlight automatically install updates without user interaction?

I'm running Boxee on a Mac Mini, and I make heavy use of the Netflix app. However, when I start watching a Netflix movie or TV show, Silverlight often tells me "There is an update to Silverlight available, do you want to install it?" I have to start up Screen Sharing or plug in a mouse to click "OK" and continue. I'd rather just update Silverlight automatically without user interaction.

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I was hoping for the same thing but since it IS a Microsoft product, of course it doesn't have this option and pops up its message at the most inopportune time possible, in the worst way (a yes/no dialog box). It doesn't even have an option to start an update later, when you're not just starting to watch a movie.

What it does have is in the preferences ( /Applications/Microsoft Silverlight ) you can turn off the message by setting it to not check for updates. The down side is it's then up to you to manually check and download updates.

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